Divine Transformational Alignment. The Three Levels in Detail.

Thai Sesh 1 Beyond Feet

Foundational All-Over Body Alignment in 60 Minutes.

Reconnection with yourself is vital to everything in your life, and the Thai Sesh 1 will give you solid and foundational all-over-body alignment in an hour. There’s no need to disrobe for this session; take your shoes and socks off and wear clothing you can move in. You’ll receive Thai Reflexology, Foot Therapy, SEN line work, and light stretches to soothe your system.

Consider the Thai Sesh 1 your one-hour getaway from life, where you’ll reestablish a connection with yourself on a firm footing. Arrive feeling scattered, leave feeling whole, and get yourself rooted.

The investment for Thai Sesh 1- Beyond Feet:

60 Min- $85

Thai Sesh 2 – Beyond Body

Support and Maintain Full Body Alignment in 90 Minutes

These sessions help you begin to unwind, unravel, and peel-away deep-seated restrictions and limitations. As I listen to what your body says and provide customized guided-from-the-Divine-specific massage, body, and energy work, you’ll begin to trust and permit your body to speak freely to me about what’s happening with it. In addition, you’ll receive support to maintain full-body alignment.

You’ll feel heard when you allow your body to speak and let me listen to what it needs regarding bodywork and massage. When you enable the trust to happen, you’ll gain insights and clarity into yourself, your aches and pains, and the associated emotions accompanying any discomfort in your body.

The investment for Thai Sesh 2- Beyond Body:

90 Min- $175

Thai Sesh 3 – Divine BodyMind

Transformative Body-Mind Alignment in 2 Hrs.

These are unique sessions, with no two ever alike. You’ll receive to-the-point bodywork, specific pressure-point massage, spiritual and energetic alignment, and a reboot of your entire system- body, mind, and soul with a no-fuss, no wasted effort approach. In addition, you will often receive direct, no-nonsense Divine Source messages and guidance, with me as the channel that guidance comes through.

Consider the Thai Sesh 3 – Divine BodyMind as a mini-retreat with results that come quickly if you’re willing to open the doors and walk through without blinders. You’ll experience tranquility, open your mind, and capture the benefits of being physically, emotionally, and spiritually immersed in all-level alignment.

The investment for Thai Sesh 3- Divine BodyMind:

2Hrs- $250

Thank you for checking out this page; I hope it provides insight into which level of Divine Transformational Alignment may resonate with you. I work by appointment only. When you’re ready to book an appointment, email me directly at shannon@bodymindbodyworkwellness.com or visit Holistic Wellness Center, where you can call to schedule an appointment.


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